Why must Democrats always overreach when it comes to guns?

ar_kittyAs predicted, the clowns in Washington have acted as they always do when we have a mass shooting.  The Republicans whine that we cannot do anything because it would be either unconstitutional or it will not stop all criminals.  In other words, they do not want to do anything because people killing each other is good for business.

I know that is hyperbole but frankly it is borne from the frustration of how nothing gets done.  Of course, this leads into my point.  Part of this problem is with the leadership of the Democrats.  For some reason, they cannot keep to the topic at hand which is to make sure that criminals, the mentally ill, and terrorists should not be buying these weapons.

Instead, they constantly insist that we ban the “scary black” guns.  The problem is not the guns and the vast majority of the gun owners.  Most people who own “scary black” guns are good people who use their weapons for recreational purposes.  While it might not make sense for someone to waste their money poking holes in a piece of paper or blowing up cans of Tannerite, they are not out there killing people.

It is jackholes who shoot up places such as the Aurora movie theater, Umpqua community college, or Pulse in Orlando are the problem.  Almost always, these murderers fall into at least one of those three categories.  Let’s focus on that problem.

The Democrats should be directing their efforts on those people.  By overreaching like this, they make it easier for the Republicans and the NRA to say “nope” and to continue with the status quo that is clearly not working.

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