Kasich calls out the media on Trump

Governor_John_KasichAs noted many times in the media, the Trump phenomenon has bewildered much of the establishment in both the Republican party and the media.  In a press conference with Kasich on Thursday, Kasich told it as he sees it.  When asked by reporters who he thought was responsible for Trump, he told them to look in the mirror.

One can easily take his remarks as a person who has a case of sour grapes and dismiss it.  However, he does have a point.  Throughout the primaries, much of the media’s focus was on Trump.  Whenever one turned to political news, it almost always something about Trump.  This coverage was so extensive that it is estimated that Trump got over $2 billion in free coverage.

It was the media that created the Trump phenomenon.  All of that coverage whether it was negative or not, added to his image.  It got him the publicity that needed to win.  Trump was so good for business the media happily went along with it.

This is one of the most pressing problems with the media today.  Rather than reporting the news, they have taken to shaping it.  Instead of treating Trump like the other candidates, they became willing participants in his three ring circus.  Trump is not the only candidate that benefited from the media shaping the news.

Hillary Clinton was a beneficiary of the media’s attempt to shape the news.  Early on when Sanders entered the race, the media largely ignored him.  The candidate of choice was Clinton so all of the coverage was on her.  It was only after Sanders started make a strong showing, largely due to using social media to get his message out, did the media start giving him coverage.

It is undeniable that the freedom of the press is integral to our republic.  However, when the press starts to shape the news, it is no longer a neutral party.  If this country is to survive, we need to take on the press and demand that they perform their role in an unbiased manner.

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