Has Trump flip flopped on immigration again?

16j148Donald Trump, if anything, has been a very mercurial politician.  When it comes to trying to understand what is is beliefs and positions on the issues, it is nearly impossible because he is constantly changing.

Trump used to be pro-choice but now he says he is pro-life.  Trump used to be pro-gun control but now he is pro-second amendment.  He used to be pro-immigration, changed to being against it, and now he’s for it again.

One of his biggest selling points to his supporters is how he is going to be tough on illegal immigration.  He has promised that he will somehow round up the millions of illegal immigrants in this country and ship them back to Mexico and build a wall to keep them out.

However, in recent remarks, he has shown that he does not intend to keep that promise.  Not only that, he has criticized Obama for being to hard on illegal immigrants. He is now saying that he will be taking a humane approach to deportations.

The apparent flip flop by Trump highlights the biggest problem with Trump.  Who is Donald Trump and what does he stand for?  America needs a president who is more than just a snake oil salesman that says whatever he thinks will close the deal. Conservatives that support him should ask themselves, if he so easily changes on this issue what other issues that are important to them is he willing to change if elected.

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