SCOTUS: regulating broom closets cannot stop abortion

z8h6uToday, the Supreme Court issued a 5-3 decision on the laws that Texas passed to shut down abortion clinics.  These so-called TRAP laws were designed to circumvent the Roe vs. Wade decision that stated the government cannot get between a patient and doctor.

It was claimed these laws were created to ensure the safety of the patients.  The problem with the laws, it was clear that this was not the true intention.  These laws created a burdensome web of regulation that went as far as mandating the size of broom closets, the width of hallways, and even the temperature of the rooms.  What truly made the intention obvious is that these laws were rarely applied to outpatient clinics that did not provide abortions.

Given the overt nature of these TRAP laws, the Supreme Court made the correct decision.  It is going to take more than just regulating the size of a broom closet to ban abortion.  Conservatives should realize that abortion is similar to gun control.  Making it illegal is not going to stop it.  Instead, maybe conservatives should concentrate the “why” of abortion and adopt policies that are less authoritarian.

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