Another rapist gets a slap on the wrist

x2wg4Just like the Brock Turner case, a story comes out of Indiana University where a student was found to have raped two students was given a lenient sentence.  John Enochs, a former student of Indiana University, was given one year of probation.  In other words, unlike Brock Turner, he will not spend any time in jail.

Seriously, DAFUQ AMERICA!  What is wrong with this country?

I am not a feminist by any definition of the word but even I am thinking this is bull shit. In both cases, the evidence is overwhelming against the rapists but the system refused to hold these rapists accountable for their actions.  These are horrible crimes and the punishment needs to reflect that.  These are people who need to held accountable as example of what happens to people who violate a woman’s rights.

There are two things that need to happen. We need to educate young adults on how to be respectful of other people and their rights. Obviously, the parents of this country are failing to teach their kids basic respect. These are the kind of things that should not need to be taught in schools but it seems it might be necessary.

Second, we need to hold law enforcement, judges, and prosecutors accountable for mishandling rape cases.  If any of these people fail to act on accusations in good faith, they need to be fired or thrown out of office.  There is simply no excuse for rape kits to go untested or rapists given slaps on the wrists.

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