Did you know there was another SCOTUS decision? 

ar_kittyIt seems that amid the revelry over the fact that the government cannot prevent abortion by regulating the size of broom closets, the general public missed the news that there was another key ruling was issued by the Supreme Court.  On Monday, the court ruled that a person can be barred from purchasing firearms if convicted of a violent crime even if it was a misdemeanor.  This was a 6-2 ruling which means it was not a ruling on ideological lines.

Unfortunately, not everybody is taking the news in a mature fashion.  This ruling has the second amendment crowd upset.  They are rabidly saying that this ruling is a violation of gun owners civil rights.  Seriously?  Are they actually saying someone who was convicted of a violent crime should get to keep their guns?

I get it.  The Democrats have a history of overreaching when it comes to guns.  However, by arguing that people who are convicted of a violent crime should get to keep their guns, it does not place second amendment supporters in a positive light.

The second amendment supporters need to take the lead on addressing the issues with violent criminals, mentally ill, and terrorists being able to buy guns in this country.  The power of the NRA is not absolute.  If these mass shootings continue and nothing continues to be done, that power is going to shift and we will have the Democrats calling the shots.  I think we can agree that is not in our best interest.

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