Trump and his war of words with Chamber of Commerce

16oymjOne of the aspects of Trump’s candidacy that riles the political establishment in this country is his stated opposition to various policies that were enacted to create the system that we have now.  One such policy are trade agreements such as NAFTA and the soon to be forced upon us TPP.  Trump’s position is that these agreements have been bad for the American worker and that we should negotiate better and stronger deals and to punish so-called partners who cheat us.

Of course, the political establishment could not just let Trump criticize their hard fought policies without a response.  They went on how these trade agreements were good for businesses.  They never did address the meat of Trump’s statement.  These agreements are not good for the American worker.

Sure, these agreements help American business but that benefit is only seen by the owners of those businesses.  The worker gets the short end of the deal when their jobs are shipped to another country and they are forced into having to take lower paying service jobs.  Additionally, it appears that the TPP is going to be even worse and intrusive than NAFTA.  This agreement even threatens our sovereignty by allowing corporations to veto our laws.

As strange as it sounds, Trump is correct on this one.  The question is his sincerity.  Trump benefits from these laws like his peers.  He is not the type of person who would just “take one for the team.”  The only thing that is certain is Clinton, despite her empty promises, supports these agreements and if she is elected, she will sign TPP into law.


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