How can Hillary not understand why we do not trust her?

CrazyHillaryOn Monday, Hillary accused her political opponents and conspiracy theorists of why the American public does not trust her.  According to her for the last 25 years, ever since she was First Lady, she has been subject to wild accusations.  She would like for us to just take our tin foil hats off and let her control our minds.

To be fair, some of some of the attacks on her are not based on reality.  For example, the accusations of her role in Vince Foster’s death.  The truth is once you sift through the dumpsters of scandals and attacks and discard the ones that are not legitimate, it is still a Herculean effort to consider her trustworthy.

There have been a number of lies in which she has been caught. She claimed that she and Bill were dead broke when they left the White House.  Which was true by looking at their liquid assets.  Those two houses were only couple shacks worth over $4 million.  She claimed that she arrived in Bosnia under sniper fire.  Of course, it is the job of politicians to lie.  One can say that she is just doing her job as a politician.

On the other hand, wild accusations and election year rhetoric does not explain some of her scandals.  For instance, consider the scandal involving her billing records from the Rose Law firm.  She claimed that she had no idea where they were when they were requested in an investigation.  In the end, it turned out that they sprouted legs and walked all the way from Arkansas and hid themselves in the White House.

For a more recent example, consider the private email server scandal.  She claimed that she had the authority (not true) and that classified emails were not sent to or from it (not true).  These lies and the fact that a number of emails and calendar appointments were deleted make it seem like she is hiding something.  At best, she disregarded laws and regulations designed to keep classified information out of the hands of our enemies.  At worst, she has committed felonies.

If this is not enough, Bill Clinton recently met with the attorney general.  Even though this meeting was obviously over tea and crumpets.  It was supposed to be secret but some activist reporter leaked the news.  Again, this does not put Hillary’s trustworthiness in a positive light.  Plus, it was also revealed that her emails concerning the Trans Pacific Partnership (something was for before she was against) will not be released until after the election.  What is she hiding there?

I could offer more details but it is not my intention to write an encyclopedia of politics.  While there is some truth that Clinton has been subject to wild accusations over the last 25 years, she has also given her opponents ammunition to use against her over that same 25 year period.  One thing she is right about, trust is something that has to be earned.  Sorry to say, we should keep our tin foil hats just in case.

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