Why are we criticizing Kasich over open carry?

17l6tjOhio is a state where open carry is allowed as long as a person is legally able to own a gun.  You do not need to have the government permission. The ownership of guns is enshrined in the second amendment of the Constitution.  The right to open carry in Ohio is enshrined in that state’s constitution.  Why is it that Governor Kasich is being vilified for respecting the rights of gun owners.

Yes, the police union in Cleveland has a very valid concern.  I would even go as far as to say it would be common sense to honor their request.  However, despite the wishes of the police union, we cannot just arbitrarily suspend the Constitution and the laws.  The law makes it more difficult for the police to do their jobs and given recent events. We should all hope and pray that one of these mall ninjas that are going to show up in Cleveland don’t try anything.

What is confusing in this discussion is the fact that there are conservatives adding to the criticism.  This criticism is confusing because the laws of Ohio are practically a model of what conservative second amendment supporters want.  Most of the politicians showing up at this convention are the ones who support unrestricted ownership of guns (some would add “by white folk” but let’s not go there).  They are the same politicians that do not care about the unintended consequences of their policies (or lack thereof).  If these politicians and conservatives have problems with the mall ninjas in Cleveland, they should look in the mirror as they are the ones who created this situation.

When this convention is over, we need to step back and realize what is happening.  As a result of laws that second amendment supporters demand, we have police officers that have to go into volatile situations where the people are armed.  If someone get too hot headed, there could be shootings.  Lives, include those of the officers who would have to respond, are at stake.  Maybe we really should think long and hard about the unintended consequences of these laws.


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