Only he alone he can fix our problems?


I was intending to write this yesterday.  I had a nice long recap of the events of the convention along with passive aggressive headings for each day.  It was coming along very nicely and then… the power went out.  If I had been composing this so-called masterpiece on the Web, it would had a draft to go back to.

Alas, I was using Notepad.  So, I get to write this again (I’ll skip the daily summaries).  I’m writing this on my tablet.  Any typos I make will be blamed on autocorrect. 🙂

The Republican National Convention concluded on Thursday.  If you bought extra popcorn for the event, your investment didn’t go to waste. We knew there was going to be drama because this was where the #NeverTrump supporters were going to make their final stand.  Using tactics that would make a banana republic dictator proud, Trump’s people kept them in check.

This convention was not significant because of who attended but by those who didn’t. Absent from the festivities was the whole Bush family, John McCain, Mitt Romney and John Kasich. Basically, the more moderate Republicans that are increasingly finding themselves unwelcomed in their party. As we know, Ted Cruz made an appearance and provided the fireworks.

With that in mind, in my opinion, one of the things that Trump needed to do was to instill unity within the party and be the leader that he thinks he is.  Instead, we saw more insults of the Republican leaders that refused to attend. Negative comments at any one who would “vote their conscience.”  Simply put, his speech was his last opportunity to try to bring everyone back under the big tent.

What can you say about the speech? It was nothing but a long laundry list things wrong with the country and practically every negative thing that could be said about Hillary (real and imagined). It is clear that his case for voting for him is that he isn’t Hillary.  He could have offered an olive branch to all of the people that were the targets of his lies and insults but he didn’t. They say that the nominee’s speech is what sets the tone of the campaign. If that is the case, we are in for a nasty, negative campaign.

There is one aspect of his speech that I find troubling.  Trump declared that he and only he is capable of fixing the problems of the country. There are two directions that one can take with such a  declaration. In one direction, Trump would have to be a leader and create a unifying coalition of disparate groups. I think it is obvious that Trump is unwilling and incapable of this.

The other direction is to rule with an iron fist. In light of Ron Paul’s warning that Trump wants to be the government and that he admires dictators and despots, there is a good case to be made that this is the direction he will be going. Not once in his speech did he mention the Constitution or how he will defend liberty.  Do these things even mean anything to him?

If you are a person who believes in the ideals of the founders of this country and believe in liberty and the Constitution, think long and hard about voting for Trump.  Sure, he isn’t Hillary Clinton but he isn’t the candidate that you want either.

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