What have we really learned about Hillary and the DNC?

CrazyHillaryThe short answer: nothing new.

Over the course of the primaries, many people, not just those who supported Sanders, noticed that something was amiss in how the Democrats were handing things.  This weekend, with the leaking of the emails from the DNC’s servers, chaos began to unfold.  As I watched this chaos spread, I could not help to wonder what did these emails really revealed.  Let’s take a look at some facts about the Democrat primaries.

  • A number of high profile Democrats did not run for the nomination.  Given the number of members who have aspirations to hold office (Biden) as well as rising stars, it was surprising that only a few candidates threw their hats in the ring.
  • Of the few Democrats that didn’t get the memo, those candidates were essentially shunned by the media.  The only reason that Sanders started to get any coverage was due to his amassing a large following using social media.
  • When the debates were scheduled, they were scheduled on days that would receive the fewest number of viewers.
  • In the days leading up first primaries, the media was constantly changing focus.  When Sanders started to get close to Clinton in one state, focus changed to a state where Clinton had a commanding lead.
  • When the Sanders campaign discovered a security hole that allowed one campaign to look at the documents of another, the Democrat party cut off Sander’s access while allowing Clinton to keep hers.  Normally, when you have a security issue as was discovered here, it is customary to cut off access to all parties until the issue is fixed.
  • On the night before the California primary, it was reported in the media that Clinton secured all of the delegates she needed to lock up the nomination.  The timing of the announcement was made to influence the results of the voting.

Granted, most of that evidence is circumstantial.  However, there comes a point where it becomes increasing difficult to not wonder if there is some truth to the allegations.  With the leaked emails, we now have the smoking gun.  These emails are the proof that the DNC and the media worked together to ensure a Clinton nomination.  However, the emails did not tell us anything that we did not already know.  All they do is confirm what was suspected.

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