Yes, the who and why of the leaked emails is important

Lithuania Daily LifeI’ve noticed on social media, there are many people who are claiming that only the contents of the leaked emails is important and that any talk about who did the leaking and why the emails were leaked are just a distraction.  While it is true that the Democrats have a vested interest in deflecting the attention onto the source of the leak, those who think we should not talk about the source is wrong; very wrong.

First, the emails that were leaked were obtained illegally.  The fact that they hurt Clinton’s campaign does not change that fact.  If possible, we need to track down the person or government that was responsible for this intrusion.  If a foreign power was responsible, why the hell are they poking around in computer systems that they have business accessing?

Additionally, if there is indeed a foreign government attempting to influence our elections, this is something that must be addressed.  Not only is this an attack on our country’s sovereignty but it also represents a national security issue.  If a foreign power wants to install a Manchurian candidate in our government, this would be one of the ways that it can be accomplished.  I am very certain if they are poking around political party computers, they are poking around computers that hold documents that are more damaging to our national security.

I’m going to be blunt, these kind of attacks by foreign powers are acts of terrorism (if not war) and Washington DC needs to treat it as such. This is a case where, for once, we need to put aside our political differences and realize that there are larger issues as than whether or not Tweedledee or Tweedledum wins.  This is not to say that the Democrat party should not be held accountable for the wrongs they committed.  I am saying that we need to protect ourselves from undue influence from foreign powers and the terrorism that they represent.

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