Isn’t it time we examine Trump’s ties to Russia?

Lithuania Daily LifeAs we now know, the Democrat party rigged the primaries to ensure a victory by Hillary Clinton.  By all accounts, the Democrats are getting their just desserts.  Since that part of the story is out of the way, I think it is imperative that we look at the other side of the story.

According to a number of security firms, not only is is plausible that the Russian government is involved in this leak but there is evidence.  If this true, it would not be the first time that the Russians used electronic espionage to influence an election of another country.  Given Donald Trump’s associations with the Russians, this could be a potential problem for this country in terms of influence and national security.

As a result of his four bankruptcies, American banks are no longer willing to talk to Trump.  As a result, he has to get his financing through foreign banks.  A large portion of that financing comes from Russian sources.  Given the authoritarian nature of Putin’s government, it would be extremely surprising if he does not control Russia’s financial sector.  With the amount of money that Trump has likely financed, it is possible that he is compromised and may be expected to perform some quid pro quo in the future.

I have to wonder if this has already has happened.  Trump has already said that we should allow the Russians to take the lead in Syria.  This policy would allow Putin to extend his influence into the Middle East.  Additionally, Trump has made statements that he intends to weaken NATO by not honoring our agreements.  With a weakened NATO, Putin would be able to extend Russia’s influence further into Eastern Europe and possibly allow him to rebuild the USSR of old.  If that wasn’t enough, Trump (more specifically Manafort) had language removed from the Republican party platform for giving support to Ukraine in resisting pro-Russian terrorists.

Finally, Trump has a number of people working for his campaign.  Two people in particular: Paul Manafort and Carter Page.  Manafort used to be a political consultant for a pro-Putin leader in Ukraine.  More troubling is Carter Page who has strong ties to Gazprom.  It is well known that Gazprom is controlled by Putin and one does not get to have the position that Page has without being loyal to Putin.

While there is no smoking gun, I cannot help but to think that it is pass time for us to be giving additional scrutiny to Trump’s dealings with the Russians.  How are we to know whether or not he has been compromised?  Could this be one of the reasons why he will not release his tax returns?  All of this puts a new light on Trump’s holding of Putin as a role model.  As far as we know, he could really be a Manchurian candidate whose job is to make Russia great again.


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