This is a fine mess the voters got us into

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you will know that a certain Donald J Trump has been elected to the most powerful political office in this country.  Mr. Trump was elected with a very populist message that resembles the kind of messages used by fascists:  we will get rid of the undesirables, create jobs for everyone, and make our country great again.  Whether intentional or not, Mr. Trump’s message resonated with racists and white nationalists.  Instead of calling them what they are, we are to call them the alt-right (brush up on you new speak, you’re going to need it going forward).  On top of all of this, Mr. Trump was assisted by Russia through WikiLeaks.  As a result, I think that the title Czar is more appropriate for Mr. Trump than president.

One thing that is very clear from this election is that 95% of the voters in this country are sheep.  They will vote for whomever the Republicans or Democrats put on the ballot.  Both Clinton and Trump were absolutely horrible candidates in their own way.  In a sane world, neither of these corrupt big government authoritarians would have been elected.  Alas, the system is rigged against anybody who would challenge our ruling parties.  Not only does the Center for Presidential Debates make it impossible for alternative candidates to get a seat on the stage, the corrupt media and pollsters ensure that these candidates do not get a voice.

Last Friday was the Czar’s coronation.  We are stuck with this authoritarian for at least four years.  Please pray for the Czar: Psalms 109:8 (or is that no longer appropriate).

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