Under the rule of the Czar, week 1

It’s be a full week since the coronation of the Czar and boy it has certainly been a week.  Lots of things happening, things that can possibly shake the foundations of this country.

The Czar continues his war on the media.  While some would say that some of this push back is long overdue, the attacks on the media should be of concern to all of us.  The Czar is not just attacking the so-called liberal media.  What he is really doing is attacking all media that does not blindly support him and his authoritarian agenda. This will include conservative media that would call him out.  The ultimate goal for him is to create a media that is under his control so that only state approved facts are published.

As evidence of this goal, Steve Bannon has declared that the media should just STFU.  Additionally, the Trump regime has blacklisted CNN because they dared to question the Czar’s claims that his coronation was the biggest ever.  The Czar has also given endorsement to Fox News which is a network that has strongly supported him.  Plus, the Trump regime has issued gag orders on all departments of the government.  This means none of the departments can talk to the media or engage in any social media.

It has also been a busy week for the Czar with his executive orders.  There were three executive orders of note.

Muslim Ban:  Yes, I know officially it is a ban of people coming from seven specific countries with preference given to “religious minorities.”  I am not going to sit here and pretend that I do not know the real intentions behind this executive order.  The whole point of this order is to prevent Muslim from entering this country.  It is quite possible that this order is not constitutional as it uses religion as a criterion in allowing people enter the country.  This order goes as far as to disallow Muslims with green cards and are permanent residents into the country.  If you are a follower of Islam, do not leave the country, you will not get back in.

While there are several large protests of this executive order across the country, this executive order is not as bad as what the left wants us to believe.  Yes, there is a problem with the religious exception and that permanent residents are being denied entry and those are huge issues.  However, all this order really does is to setup additional scrutiny for those entering the country from areas of the world where the United States is hated.  Call me crazy but I think that is a good idea.

TPP:  One of the Czar’s orders was to withdraw the United States from Trans Pacific Partnership.  This move was not a surprise as it was a campaign promise.  Say what you will about trade agreements in general.  TPP was bad because it threatened our sovereignty by allowing other countries to veto our laws.

Trump’s Folly:  Well, at least that is what I am going to call the Czar’s wall that he signed an order to have built.  Basically, we are going to have a very expensive ineffective wall.  Not only that, you and I are going to be the ones to pay for it one way or another.  There are a number of other things that the Czar could have implemented that would have been less costly.

There you have it folks, the Czar’s first week in power and we are already off to a rocky start.

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