Under the Rule of the Czar: Week 2

Overall, this week was not as exciting as the last.  Mostly, the talk involves fallout from last week.  Over last weekend, the Czar allegedly made a couple phone calls to some world leaders.  According to the reports, the calls did not go very well.  It was said that he threatened to send our military to clean up crime in Mexico and hung up on the PM of Australia. John McCain had to make some calls of his own to patch things up.  It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.

On January 28th, there was a raid in Yemen that resulted in several civilian casualties, the death of an 8 year old American citizen, and a Navy SEAL.  Some people are blaming the regime for this botched raid.  While I am skeptical that the Czar exercised poor judgement resulting in the botched raid, I will note that certain people in Congress are mostly likely not going to launch a multiple year investigation into it like they did for a certain attack in Libya.

Iran chose this week to troll Mr. Trump by testing a new ballistic missile.  Of course, this did not make the Czar happy and his regime has put Iran “on notice.”  Included in his response are additional sanctions on individuals and organizations that are associated with Iran.  You can be sure that this is a pretext for the invasion of Iran.

The big news of the week was the Czar’s selection of someone to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court.  The nominee, Neil Gorsuch, is the polar opposite of anything that the Democrats would want in a nominee.  He is an activist judge that that consistently rules in the favor of corporations, strongly opposes abortion and Planned Parenthood, and supports a police state.  The type of big government authoritarian that makes Republicans and conservatives all giggly and warm inside.

Predictably, the Democrats are not pleased with this.  After all, this seat was one that the Republicans usurped from them.  There is talk that they might give Gorsuch the same treatment that Merrick Garland received.  Even if was possible for a jellyfish to grow a spine, the odds of them resisting this nomination are very slim.  The Republicans still have the nuclear option and what would be the point of cheating if they are not willing to go all of the way.

Speaking about changing the rules in the middle of the game, after being obstructionists for the last 8 years, the Republicans have decided that they do not like it when the shoe on the other foot.  In response, they decided to skip the rules for quorums in committees.  Basically, they are ramming through the Czar’s nominees without properly vetting them.  Who cares that there are conflicts of interests and incompetence?

As expected, the Czar and his Republican minions have turned to eliminating those pesky laws that interfere with the profits of their special interests.  One rule is the one that requires a financial adviser that you hired to manage your investments work in your best interest.  Did you actually think that there was such thing as a fiduciary duty in this corporate controlled economy?  How about keeping coal ash from polluting our waterways?  Sorry, you don’t have the right to clean and unpolluted waterways according to our corporate leaders.  Keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill? Please, terrorists, criminals, and the mentally ill have a right to arm themselves so says the NRA.

There is some evidence that not all of the Republicans are completely on board with the Czar’s authoritarian regime.  Some of them are questioning the wisdom of building a wall on the border with Mexico.  Either someone finally figured out what the true price tag is going to  be or realized that illegals immigrants can just go over, under, and around it.

Despite the fact that the Republicans have been voting on a repeal or eliminating the funding of Obamacare for the last six years, they are still having problems trying to come up with a bill.  You would think that they could just take one of the 50 bills they passed during the last 6 years and send it to Mr. Trump.  I guess things are different when there will be consequences for their policies now.

On the domestic terrorism front, Mr. Trump has not acknowledged that the shooting in a mosque in Quebec was an act of terrorism.  Yet, a knife attack by a Muslim in Paris gets an all to familiar Twitter rant.  Why is it when a white person committing an act of terrorism, it is not treated as such?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Mr. Trump surrounds himself by white nationalists such as Steve Bannon.  Speaking of which, the regime has decided to no longer track the activities of white supremacists and radical racists.  Coincidentally, the Czar’s speech for the Holocaust remembrance day that did not mention Jews was intentional.

Next week promises to have drama and excitement when the Republicans try to ram through Gorsuch.

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