Under the Rule of the Czar: Week 3

This week started with a major victory for the Trumpster; his favorite quarterback, Tom Brady won yet another Super Bowl (presumably they checked his balls first).  However, members of the alt-right were triggered by the commercials and half time show (did they think they live in a safe space).  All throughout the week, they were calling on boycotts.  First, it was Budweiser for telling the story of one of their founders that was an immigrant.  Then it was for 86 Lumber for showing a big scary wall with a big wonderful door, a metaphor used by the Czar himself, allowing the wrong kind of people into the country.  Then, there was the call for a boycott on the NFL itself for allowing Lady Gaga to sing because of her message of inclusiveness and unity.  Towards the end of the week, Nordstrom’s was being targeted because they dropped the under-performing line of products from Ivanka Trump.

For people who like to call liberals snowflakes, these people are so fragile.  Hell, they cannot even leave their homes without a security blanket gun.  Some conservatives have even called for sporting events to be safe spaces.

During the Czar’s address during the National Prayer Breakfast, he reiterated his support of eliminating the Johnson Amendment that prevents churches from directly supporting political candidates.  While the Czar claims religious freedom, one of the ways that despots control the masses is by claiming endorsement by religious leaders.  This policy would pave the way to this end.

On the court front for the Czar, things were not so good.  The stay that targeted his big beautiful executive order to keep Muslims out of the country was upheld not once but twice.  It seems that not even the Czar is allowed to revoke visas and green cards without due process.  What is the Czar going to do?  Rewrite it such that it is constitutional or continue to fight for what was a poorly conceived policy.  Of course, the possibility that the Czar choosing to ignore the courts might be an option.

The Czar continues his War on the Media by calling everything that he does not like as “fake news.” The regime has explicitly said it.  Any polls that are negative are to be called “fake news.”  Until the media starts reporting the news as they want it reported, the regime will continue to call it “fake news.”  There was even a claim by the Czar that the media does not cover terrorist attacks at all (which is blatantly untrue).  In other words, until the media allows the Czar to dictate what is published, it will be labeled as “fake.”  Yet again, the regime shows its desire to create a corporate autocratic state with Donald J Trump as our dear leader.

In a speech to law enforcement officers, the Czar has promised ramp up the War on Drugs. We can expect to see more of the same failed authoritarian policies that has resulted in the largest per capita prison population in the world.  He also encouraged broadening the use of asset forfeiture which is a tool fitting of tyrants and despots.  Plus, he signed executive orders paving the way tougher penalties towards people who show contempt of the police.   Again, these are actions of a despot.  By giving more power to the police forces that are increasingly becoming more like militaries rather than civilian peace keeping officers, the Czar is creating a police state that he can use to shut down dissent and protests.

Let’s hope things will be better next week but I would not hold my breath.

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