Conservatives, you should be concerned about Trump’s attacks on the media

I get it.  Conservatives have a long-held belief that the media is biased against them and that it has been unfair to the Republicans and conservatives.  To a point, I agree that push back has been long overdue.  I understand the frustration although I think the push back should be against all media not just the ones with which you disagree.  I can see why you want to support Donald Trump in his war on the media.  I am sure it gives you a warm fuzzy to finally see someone doing something about what you see as being wrong.

It is important that we do not lose sight of the potential damage that this Republican administration can do to freedom and in particular the freedom of the press.  The Republican administration has taken a hostile position against the media.  This does not include just the liberal media.  He is attacking anybody that does not report the news in a way that places him in a positive light.

Let us not forget that not too long ago, Donald Trump, the candidate, was attacking Fox News as a haven for “Trump haters.”  He attacked Megyn Kelly when she had the audacity to ask him tough questions in a debate.  He attacked Bill O’Reilly when he did not report the polls that painted Trump in a positive light.  He even skipped one of the debates that was hosted by Fox News.  Since then, Fox News has given him nothing but positive coverage and his attacks on them stopped.

If these attacks were only about bias and unbalanced coverage, it would be just politics as usual.  However, these attacks go beyond that.  These are constant and harsh attacks that are designed to destroy the credibility of the media and to force them to report only what this Republican administration approves.  Please remember that one of the first actions of despots is to take control of the media and be skeptical of this Republican administration’s motives.


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