Under the Rule of the Czar: Week 4

Nobody can say that this week was boring.  This week has seen some of the worse behavior of Donald Trump yet and just think we are only four weeks into his reign.

On the immigration front, throughout the course of last weekend, the Republican administration conducted nationwide sweeps of illegal immigrants and made many arrests.  This gave warm fuzzies to all of white nationalists that see this Republican administration as being on their side.

On the other hand, this Republican administration is still reeling from the 9th circuit court’s decision to allow a stay of his executive order to remain in place.  Of course, this did not set well with the Republican administration.  Mr. Trump threatened the court with… seeing them in court.  Even his minions were being unhinged.  Steven Miller declared that the powers of the president “will not be questioned.”  Obviously this Republican administration has not heard of the ways that the other two branches of the government provides checks and balances.

As a result of reports that Michael Flynn possibly had illicit communications with Russia last December and that he lied about it to Vice President Pence, Flynn tendered his resignation.  According to rumor, this made Mr. Trump very angry and that anger manifested itself in his press conference on Thursday.  Let’s not lose sight of what really happened.  Flynn was not forced to resign because he lied or had illicit communications with Russia.  He was forced to resign because this scandal was damaging the Trump brand.

If Flynn’s resignation was not bad enough, his choice for labor secretary, Andy Pudzer, withdrew his nomination and the person who he chose to replace Flynn rejected him.  For her endorsement of Ivanka Trump’s products, the ethics office requested that the Republican administration investigate Kellyanne Conway and that a disciplinary action was appropriate.  The Republican administration has not acted on this recommendation and it seems doubtful that it will.

Trump signed a number of bills sent to him by the Republican congress.  The Republicans have eliminated the requirements that energy companies report any money transferred from them to foreign governments.  This bill allows for energy companies to bribe foreign governments for favors without consequences; something that a member of this Republican administration has been fighting for.  Another bill removed the regulations on  the dumping of coal ash into streams and rivers.  As a result of this Republican legislation, coal companies are allowed to pollute our waterways.

Up next for next week is the regulation that required people who were getting certain kinds of mental illness disability from social security to be reported so that they would not be able to pass a background check to buy a gun.  The Republicans along with their NRA stooges continue their fight to keep it easy for criminals, terrorists, and the violent mentally ill to buy guns.

The Republican Congress, which had promised to keep Trump on a short leash, has been keeping itself busy with implementing this Republican administration’s authoritarian agenda.  The Republican Congress has spent years in endless investigation of Obama and Clinton.  Despite the fact that neither Obama nor Clinton are president, they are continuing these investigations.  Yet, when it comes investigation the possibility that our dear leader is compromised or that there is corruption in this Republican administration, they steadfastly refuse to do any kind of investigation.  Rand Paul has effectively said that Republicans should not be investigating Republicans.

To cap the end of the week, this Republican administration ramped up its War on the Free Press.  In press conferences, the administration is only selecting questions from news agencies that report only state approved news.  On Thursday, when Trump’s anger reached its peak over the resignation of Flynn, he spent almost an hour and a half ranting, raving, and berating the press over the so-called “fake news.”  He even said the leaks were true but the news was fake.

These attacks are not about the bias and unfair attacks on him.  These attacks are about forcing the free press to only report news that is approved by this Republican administration.  Later, Mr. Trump tweeted that a number of news agencies (only ones that have not been reporting state sponsored news) were the “enemies of the people.”

You know who else says uses the “enemies of the people” line?  Despots and tyrants use those words.  But what do I know?  According to Pat Roberson, by opposing this Republican administration, I am opposing the will of God.

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