News of the absurd: Vagina glue

So, I am looking at headlines today and I saw something that caught my eye.

No, Gluing Your Labia Shut Will Not Stop Period Leaks

Intrigued, I click the link and read.

The latest example isn’t just infuriating, it’s downright ridiculous.
A chiropractor in Kansas has invented a lipstick-like glue that will seal your labia shut during your period, holding all of the blood in until you go to the bathroom, according to a viral Facebook post.
This is not a drill.
It would be similar to when your lips get dry and stick together, an ad for the product reads.

What the Holy [Censored]!

I really hope that this is some guy that is trying to troll some feminists.  If it isn’t, guys, if you get this cool idea to invent something for women PLEASE ask you wife, sister, female friends, or even your mother what they think of it.  It is bad enough that men are seen as mere jokes by women; we don’t need to be giving them more material.


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