Under the Rule of the Czar: Week 5

This week was rather boring and not much was really happening.  I was wondering if I was going to have to find some filler for this week.  But on Friday, Mr. Trump came through. Last Saturday, the Czar needed an ego boost and held a rally in Florida.

Nothing noteworthy was said except when he started to defend is wonderful executive order banning Muslims from the country.  In the course of his defense, he made a mention of a terrorist incident in Sweden the night before.  Well, this was a surprise to Sweden because they did not know of any terrorist attacks in their country.  Needless to say, Sean Spicer had to yet again clarify what was really meant.  The first half of the week was dominated with Republicans and conservatives telling the Swedish government that they cannot possibly know anything about crime in their own country.

The deportation efforts have been called a “military operation” by the Republican administration and they are going to remove the “bad people” from the country.  “Bad people” like the woman dying of a brain tumor.  All of these “bad people” are going to be shipped to Mexico.  Mexicans, Africans, Chinese, Klingons,… they are all going regardless of what Mexico says.

H. R. McMaster was selected to replace the disgraced Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser.  This is an interesting selection because McMaster is not known for his support of radical Republican policy.  He even has said that the term “radical Islamic terrorist” is not helpful.  One can only hope that McMaster can push back against this Republican administration’s radical agenda.

It seems that the senate Republicans do have some balls.  They have begun to looking into the allegations that Russia attempted to influence our presidential election.  Maybe now we can get some answers since the House or Representatives is too busy picking its nose to do an investigation itself.  It was revealed this week that Reince Priebus had approached the FBI to ask them to deny any connection between the Czar and Russia.  Boys and girls, can we say “Cover up?”  Needless to say, Little Donnie had a temper tantrum because how dare the media report on these things.

The Republican administration announced that they will be cracking down on marijuana use even in states where it is legal.  The Republican administration had chosen to ramp up failed policies that has resulted in the world’s largest prison population.  One would wonder why this Republican administration would continue policies that have clearly failed.  Oh yeah, the Republican administration also decided to change course on privatized prisons.  Those prisons are not going to fill themselves; corporate profits come first.

This week the conservatives went to their safe space, a little get together known as CPAC. After all, they need it because it is the time of the year for town halls and constituents are not happy.  Of course, the opposition is being labeled as AstroTurf.  Yeah, that argument worked so well for the Democrats in 2009-2010.  By the way, where can I get one of these paid protester jobs for $1500/week?

Milo Yiannapoulos, professional alt-right troll, was announced to be the keynote speaker and then suddenly he wasn’t.  Someone dug up some dirt that painted him as a defender of pederasty.  Interesting how this was a scandal as conservatives hold the belief that homosexuals are pedophiles.  Maybe it’s only liberal homosexuals who are the pedophiles?

Of course, the biggest snowflake in government was allowed to give a speech.  Taking advantage of the safe space, Trump unleashed on the media agencies that has not submitted to him.  If he was a preacher, it would have been full on fire and brimstone.  During all of this, the attendees (who were stripped of their Trump Russian flags) cheered loudly.  What was that phrase from Star Wars?

The Republican administration capped off this attack on the free press with several news agencies being barred from a White House press briefing.  If the Republicans do not like being called fascists, they need to do something about this Republican administration acting like one.

Through all of this, the true conservatives (the ones that stood up for their principles in November) are left wondering what has happened to conservatism.  They still have not realized that the conservatism of Reagan has died long ago and it has been in decline ever since.  What we are seeing today with hateful white nationalists controlling conservatism is the end result of party over country politics that took over the movement.

For example, whenever Obama took a vacation or went golfing, conservatives would always call out how much money he was costing the tax payers.  With Trump, it is crickets.  In just his first month in office, the Czar has spend more money that what Obama typically spent in a year.  Mr. Trump is even profiting off of the extra security because the secret service has to rent space in Trump Tower.  Plus, he is selling special access to himself at Mar-a-lago.

How is this even acceptable to conservatives?  I guess it is okay if you are a Republican.  If conservatism is to be saved, conservatives need to hold other conservatives and especially the Republicans accountable.  They may even, God forbid, join forces with the liberals to oppose this radical authoritarian Republican administration.


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