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I have noticed that it appears that conservatives have their own form of political correctness.  I guess I am not the only one that has noticed it.

Right-Wing Political Correctness (RWPC),[1] also Conservative Correctness (CC) or Patriotic Correctness (PC),[2] is a brand of political correctness practiced by conservatives. While left-wing political correctness (LWPC) attempts to minimize offense through the (often endless) rebranding of certain words to be neutral or inclusive, RWPC rebrands terms to increase offense, increase scorn, and increase political bias. For example, homosexuality isn’t RWPC; instead, we should use “unnatural vice”,[3][4][5] in order to appeal to people’s (here, hateful) religious beliefs over science and tolerance.

This page is an “English to Right-Wing Politically Correct” translation guide.

Source: Conservative correctness – RationalWiki

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  1. And yet they are the ones that yell PC the loudest….they hug their fake facts…and after calling anyone who disagrees with them a socialist go batcrap crazy if the word “fascists” is used and immediately yell…..Godwin’s Law….in essence most are totally lacking in a frontal lobe. chuq

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