If Republicans Supported Gun Control…

I was looking through some old computer files of mine and came across something I had started working on and didn’t finish.

If Republicans supported gun control…

  • Gun dealers would be required to be paramedics and have an ambulance waiting outside their store.
  • Gun dealers would be required to tell buyers that buying a gun would risk their and their family’s lives.
  • Buyers would be required to watch a video on gun violence and wait 48 hours before purchasing a gun.
  • Areas in which guns and ammo would be stored would be required to be exactly 6’x6′ with the temperature between 70F-73F and humidity at 50%.  No two calibers of ammo can be placed on the same shelf.  The showroom must be well-lit, tidy, and uncluttered.  Gun displays must be in a distinctly separate area from accessories.  Guns on display must be in unbreakable tempered glass.  Comfortable chairs and vending machines must be provided for shoppers.  The exterior must be painted in bright orange.  Existing stores have 10 days to be in compliance.
  • The health of a well-regulated militia is important.  As a requirement for buying a gun, buyers must undergo a prostate exam or a mammogram.
  • Employees at big box retailers will be allowed to refuse to sell guns and ammo to someone on religious grounds.  Likewise, hospitals may refuse to treat gun injuries for the same reason.
  • Gun buyers will be forbidden from purchasing a gun if they are a victim of a recent gun related crime.
  • Children will be forbidden from learning about gun safety at school.  They shall be told to abstain from gun ownership and shooting until they are responsible adults.

That’s all I had.  Can you think of anything to add?

8 thoughts on “If Republicans Supported Gun Control…

Add yours

  1. A travel ban on used guns coming into the store if manufactured in a specified list of countries unless they have been stripped down, cleaned, and inspected by ATF.

    Trigger pull shall not exceed 6 pounds, except on the Sabbath, in which case prayer IS authorized.

    “Gun dealers” will now be called “Projectile Profiteers”.

    The right to own a gun during menstruation shall not be infringed.

    When the IQ of a gun owner meets or exceeds the caliber of the weapon, the owner may, at the sole discretion of the spouse of said owner, waive his/her right to voluntarily limit the capacity of the magazine.

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