Okay… Something has been vexing me…

I’ve been put on a diet by a doctor.  The plan is based on something published by American Diabetes Association and uses “exchanges” to track food intake.  Basically, I get a certain number of exchanges for carbohydrates, fat, protein, fruit, vegetables, and milk.  As you would expect each food item uses one or more exchange.  For those of you who lived through the 80s, it is similar to Richard Simmon’s Deal a Meal.

Other than the fact that most of the vegetables that I eat are considered as starches (carbohydrates) and not vegetables, what confuses me is that tomatoes are counted as vegetables.  However, marinara sauce is counted as a carbohydrate.  If I look at a recipe for marinara sauce, I typically see the following ingredients.

  • Tomatoes
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic
  • Salt and other spices

I don’t see how these ingredients magically transform a vegetable into a carbohydrate food.  Could it be the olive oil?  It seems a bit arbitrary to me.

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