All in all it’s just another brick in the wall…

So, the alt-right snowflakes who rant about having to pay for other people’s healthcare and women being allowed to use the health insurance for birth control want to force us to pay for their wall.  With Czar Trump, they are going to get their wish at the bargain price of $20 billion.  Of course, that uses fuzzy government logic math and the real cost will be much higher.  Common sense and logic would dictate that this wall would be useless for its stated purpose.  Alas, those are two things lacking with alt-right snowflakes.

The supposed point of building this wall is that when Jose tries to sneak across the border so that he can steal jobs meant for us hard-working Americans, he will come the wall.  As a result of this wonderful and magical wall, Jose will say, “¡Ay caramba!” and return to his life of destitution of poverty.  At least, that is what will happen in the reality of the alt-right snowflake.

What will really happen is that Jose will find his buddy El Chapo and give him some pesos to use his tunnel for bringing drugs into the United States.  You see, as a result of this country’s failed War on Drugs, bad hombres like El Chapo invest in sophisticated tunnel systems to smuggle drugs.  Trump’s Folly will not stop these budding entrepreneurs.  If anything, it will allow them to expand their business.

Even if Jose can’t go under the wall, he can go around it.  Of course, the alt-right snowflakes will remind us that there will be an ocean protecting us.  However, in our reality, there are these wonderful vehicles called boats and they allow us to travel across oceans.  If Miguel from Cuba is able to get to the United States using a bathtub and a couple barrels, what is to stop Jose in Mexico?  Given how Czar Trump wants to cut the Coast Guard, it will be even easier.

If we were to ignore that Jose is able to go under or around this wonderful and magical wall, Jose still can go over or even through it.  This is where one of those liberal talking points called “facts” come in.  There are estimates that between 40 and 60 percent of unauthorized aliens in this country came in on tourist visas and overstayed their welcome.  No matter how much money or magic pixie dust we pump into the wall, the wall will not stop these crossings.

As a means of keeping people like Jose out of our country, a wall is not going to stop them.  If the goal is to keep Jose from taking our jobs, you need to make it where Jose does not want to come here.  For that, we should look at the work that Georgia did a few years ago.  They had overwhelming success.  The only thing that the construction of this wall would do is to make some people wealthy at the expense of us, the common taxpayer.  Maybe that is the real point of Czar Trump’s wall?

(My apologies to Pink Floyd)

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