Serving up Gorsuch on a trash can lid

I’ll admit it.  I was a child of the 80s.  One of the shows from that time was the Cosby show.  Yes, I admit it.  I watched that show and enjoyed it as a result of being blissfully unaware of the horrors committed by the show’s star at the time.  There was a segment of the show that sticks out in my mind.  Cosby’s character lectured one of his daughters about a guy she brought home to meet him and his wife.  In the lecture, he conjured up the image of a fine steak with the fixings, a salad, and baked potato being served up on the lid of a trash can… Disgusting!

This is what the Republicans have done with, Neil Gorsuch, Czar Trump’s pick to fill Scalia’s vacant seat.  Gorsuch might be the most qualified and best person for the job.  He might be the kind of guy that tucks kittens in bed at night, playfully romps with puppies at the animal shelter, and farts rainbows while riding a unicorn.  In normal times, he would not have any problem being confirmed.  Alas, these are not normal times.

In order to prevent Obama from filling Scalia’s vacant seat, Mitch McConnell pulled a rule out of his… let’s just call it a donkey.  McConnell used a decades old speech by Obama’s jester to justify his shenanigans by calling it the Biden rule (no record exists of Congress adopting said rule).  When it appeared that Clinton was going to win, the Republicans changed their tune and said that eight justices will be fine because as you know… emails.

Not only did McConnell and his merry band of usurpers cheat the Democrats.  There are questions about Czar Trump’s victory in November.  Did he or did he not know of Russia’s involvement in his campaign?  Did he give Putin a reach-around?  Enquiring minds want to know!

This is how Gorsuch is being presented to us; a fine jurist who sits atop a heap of garbage.  Any controversy caused during the confirmation of Gorsuch is of the Republican’s doing.  Gorsuch might be a great replacement for Scalia but so was Garland.

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