Babies and those odd ball firsts

According to Steve King, we cannot build our civilization using other people’s babies.  Well, you can certainly build a family with them. I have three children, all of whom, were adopted and currently have a sibling (a little girl) of two of them as a foster child. The two in question are boys and on occasion, my wife and I will take them someplace to “burn off excess energy.”

Sunday was such a day.  My wife had been battling the flu all week and I took them out to lunch so she could get some well-deserved rest.  We made our way to our favorite peddler of cheap toys that just so happens to serve edible hockey pucks.  You know the place, they have a big golden “M” out front.

This particular restaurant has a room with a large machine that welcomes children to enter.  While inside the kids bounce around while screaming, once done they just slide on out.  While this was going on, I was enjoying one of those Shamrock Frappes (don’t tell my dietician) and reading stuff on my phone.  The little one was still eating.

Suddenly, she did one of her velociraptor screeches (seriously, it sounds just like one from the movie Jurassic Park).  This usually means she wants something or she’s getting frustrated.  I look at her and she points to a corner of the room.

In the corner, her brothers were rough housing in a manner similar to what you would see from WWE.  Given the situation, I yelled to them to stop.  As I sat there watching them to make sure they complied.  I realized that she tattled on them.  Yes, it was baby’s first tattle.  Just barely a toddler and she is already tattling.

Life has just gotten more interesting.

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    1. Good luck on that. Parenthood is certainly a challenge (especially if you get them after they’re toilet trained 🙂 ). This little one is very willing to let you know when she doesn’t like something.

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