Under the Rule of the Czar: Week 9

Welcome to the on the road version of Under the Rule of the Czar.  Saturday morning my wife asked me if I was packed. With the best deer caught in the headlights impression I could muster, “what do you mean my dear?” Turns out that this weekend was the weekend that we are going to Dayton, not next week. Here I am slowly trying to write this on my tablet.

The theme for this week is corruption.  We have waded out to the deep end of this swamp and there are no lifeguards. The House Intelligence Committee questioned members of the intelligence community over Czar Trump’s allegations of Obama wiretapping Trump Tower and the connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Despite Trey Gowdy’s insistence that we pay attention to who did the leaking rather than what was in the leaks, there were many revelations most of which were not good for Team Trump. First, we got more confirmation that there was no surveillance of Trump Tower but we will be revisiting that later in the week. Paul Manafort was working to further Putin’s agenda in the United States before joining Team Trump and did not report as a foreign agent (a felony). Second and most surprising, Team Trump is being investigated for possible collusion with Russia.  Not only that, they are investigating alt-right Web sites as well.

For those that remember, Republicans and conservatives were attacking Clinton for being under investigation by the FBI. There was going to be chaos, Constitutional crises, and people wearing white after memorial day. Their response to this news?

No, they were more interested in the actions of Devin Nunes (or as my tablet wants to put it: Devil Nuns), head of the House Intelligence Committee. After an unscheduled visit to the White House where nothing happened, he said that he had evidence of Trump’s allegations but he could not share with the rest of the committee.

Suddenly it became a game of Keystone Cops. He did it. No, it was incidental. There is a smoking gun. Actually, it was Colonel Mustard in the privy with a cat five cable.  In the end, we were left dazed and confused which was most likely Nunes’ goal.

Rex Tillerson, who seems to be our Secretary of State, went to South Korea and took a nap. He gets tired easily and will not be attending a meeting with members of NATO.  He does have the energy to visit mother Russia instead. We are assured that there is nothing to see as the press is not allowed to tag along.

This week was the beginning of the confirmation process for Neil Gorsuch. Of course, the conservatives were upset that the testimony in the House Intelligence Committee overshadowed their horse and pony show. In the end, Chuck Schumer decided that there might be some spine in his Caucus, declared that there will be a filibuster, and dropped the mic.

The end of the week was marked as a battle between House Republicans who want to keep their seats in 2018 and the Freedom Caucus who believe that Trumpcare is far too generous. The vote that was scheduled for Thursday was delayed until Friday and ultimately Paul Ryan pulled the bill. Despite the GOP having full control, the Czar blames the Democrats for his failure as a leader.

Tune in next week as Ivanka Trump turns the White House into her personal business office at taxpayer expense.

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