How to Manage Political Narcissistic Facebook Friends and Remain Friends

Facebook is a wonderful tool for connecting with friends and family.  It allows you to share your thoughts, the lives of your children, and what you had for lunch today.  Sharing is one of the most popular and powerful features of Facebook.

Unfortunately, not everybody believes that with great power comes great responsibility.  You know that kind of person.  It could be one of your close relatives who is a deplorable (a label he wears proudly) or an old friend from college that is a social justice warrior.  For some reason, they feel that it is their God mandated duty to share every political meme and propaganda article published by supporters of their political party of choice.  Even just one or two of them can turn reading your news feed into an exercise of frustrating craziness.

As strange as it sounds, you still want to remain friends with them.  Other than the spam, they are good people who you like.  Fortunately, there is a way to handle these political narcissists. The secret lies with a little known Facebook feature called friend lists.

A friend list is a way for you to organize your friends. They can be used to filter stories you see in your news feed and to share with specific people.  There are a few lists that are automatically defined for you by Facebook.  Regretfully, narcissists is not one of them.

The process is simple.  The instructions here is for the web version of Facebook.  Facebook on Android does not allow the editing of friend lists and it is quite likely that it is the same on iOS.

  1. Create a friend list
  2. Add narcissists to the friend list
  3. Unfollow narcissists
  4. Enjoy your news feed with less political propaganda

The first step towards freedom is to create a friend list.  You can access friend lists by using the “Friend Lists” link in the left side panel.


This will open friends list page.  You should see the list of predefined friend lists.  Click on the “Create List” button.


In the dialog that opens, enter a name for the list. This name can be whatever you want to call it such as “Political,” “Buddies,” or “Braggarts.”  For this example, I’ll be using “Deplorables.”   You can leave the member list empty.


The next step is to add friends to this friend list.  To go back to the friend list, go to the friend list page by clicking the “Friend List” link in your left sidebar.  In the friend list page, click on the name of your friend list.  To add a friend to the list, you can enter the name of a friend in the “Add a friend to this list” text box (1) in the upper right hand corner.  Another option would be to click the “See all” link in the upper right hand corner (2).  This option will open a dialog where you can see a list of all of your friends and you can click on the friends that you want to add.


The third step is to unfollow these friends.  To unfollow a friend, open his or her profile and choose “Unfollow” in the “Following” drop down list.  It is important that you do not choose “Unfriend” in the “Friends” drop down.


That is it.  Your friend will no longer show up in your news feed.  When you want to see what your friend is doing, you can go back to the friend list and see all of his or her posts.  As a bonus feature you can make status updates and share with just the people in that friend list.

By utilizing the tools provided by Facebook, you can tame your unruly friends that are important to you.  Now, we can get back to bragging about our kids or sharing funny cat videos.  Please, do not share what you had for lunch.  That is just eccentric.

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