Under the Rule of the Czar: Week 10

We continue out trek into the swamp. We are now in the part of the swamp where very little light reaches. What was that sound? Oh, that was Devin Nunes slinking across the White House lawn in the dead of night for an illicit gathering.

Last week, Nunes tantalized us with alleged proof of incidental surveillance of the Czar’s transition team. After some hemming, hawing, and gnashing, it turned out that the intelligence had nothing to do with the investigation and that his source was a couple of White House staffers. It was a distraction… mission accomplished.

For this week, Nunes said hold on there; pay no attention to the man behind the curtain as he rushed to straighten the drapes. All meetings of the House Intelligence Committee were canceled for this week. We can only speculate that it is to allow him to prepare for a possible ethics probe for spilling the beans on some FISA warrants.

The star witness of last Friday’s hearing that was canceled and of this week was Sally Yates. If you remember, she was brought to the boardroom and was told to the accompaniment of dramatic music that she was fired.  The reason was that she refused to defend an executive order she felt was unconstitutional. It seems that she has some information surrounding Michael Flynn’s departure from the Republican regime.  No word as to when she will have a hearing.  The Republican regime is claiming executive privilege.

Nune’s partner in the conspiracy, Trey Gowdy, is having problems with keeping his story straight. When talking about leaks from the White House, he wants us to ignore what is in them. When talking about leaks that supports Trump, he wants us to ignore who leaked them. When it is Mr. Trump taking a leak, he wants us to ignore that dossier.

TrollDollOn the other side of the capitol building, the adults are making some progress.  The members of the Senate committee revealed that Russia had networks of bots controlled by trolls.  These trolls apparently targeted Marco Rubio.  It is believed that they were confused after an intense game of “Marco Polo” against the Kremlin’s team. Michael Flynn offered to testify if he was granted immunity.

Needless to say, Flynn’s request was turned down. This was disappointing as I had already popped a big batch of popcorn.  On the other hand, that did not thwart Hillary Clinton who was last seen repeatedly driving in front of Flynn’s house shouting “Lock him up!”

TrumpWreckingBallThis week also saw the Republican regime and the Republican Congress take a wrecking ball to the Federal government especially if it was something with Obama’s name on it. The Czar signed several bills to roll back regulations. Of these, one was a rule that disallowed Federal contracts to companies that were habitual offenders of Federal wage and safety laws. The Republican regime supports employers’ right to stand over you with their boot on your throat.

The Republicans passed a couple of laws restricting the body of scientific research the EPA can use for making policy. For now on, the EPA can only use Google to do its research. The Czar signed an executive order telling the EPA that the first rule of climate change is to not talk about climate change.

This is what they call OHISS (Ostrich Head In Sand Strategy). It is the same policy they used for gun violence. By not studying an issue and having adult discussions, it will magically go away. It worked wonderfully for the NRA. For others such as those in Pulse nightclub, Umpqua Community College, Dallas, and other places, not so much.

The Republicans passed a law that permits your ISP to sell your data to advertisers. This means someone can buy the list of S&M videos that you’ve watched. This also means that the government will have another pool of data to monitor us.  Unfortunately, it also means we can find out what kind of kinky porn Trump likes.

That is about it for this week folks.  Tune in later as Jeff Sessions tries to figure out how to clawback Federal grants from sanctuary cities without violating the Constitution.

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