Personal challenge update

Last week in a blog post, I issued a challenge to myself when using social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The results was a somewhat underwhelming mixed bag. There were differences but none of them were major or Earth shattering. Early on, I was thinking that I was going to be getting responses from... Continue Reading →

Some tips for adding one of the most common themes in works of art.

A Writer's Path

by Jacqui Murray

How do we characterize love in your writing?

Because, if you’re a writer, you must. It doesn’t have to be sex but it has to take readers that direction, right to the edge of the cliff. Yes, you can leave the lurid details out, but let readers peek over the edge.

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To say Fox News has changed political discourse would be an understatement. However, they have pioneered turning journalism into state sponsored propaganda and poisoning of people's minds. This is entirely anecdotal, but after O’Reilly’s departure was announced, I thought about who among my conservative friends watches O’Reilly. The only person I could think of was... Continue Reading →

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