Under the Rule of the Czar: Week 11

For certain, this was a very explosive week for the Republican regime in more than one ways than one. There was a lot of triggering happening and I am not talking about the left’s reaction to Pepsi and Nivea ads. Say what you will about the white is purity thing but I will never eat yellow snow. Things are getting to the point that we probably are going to need to send out Kendall Jenner to give the Republicans a Pepsi so that they will stop treading on our rights.

Of course, the big, not so shocking, news of the week is the Republican Mitch McConnell finishing what he started last year; the usurping of the vacant Supreme Court seat. Enough Democrats showed some spine in opposing McConnell’s authoritarianism that it was increasing clear that the Republicans were going to have to use the nuclear option. This did not go over well with the authoritarian right. Obstructionism is only acceptable when practiced by the Republicans.

As threatened and with crocodile tears, the Republicans deployed the nuclear option. With it, they changed the rules of the game a second time. Say what you will about Harry Reid but the claim that conservatives are people of principle is clearly a myth at this point. Despite what the media, conservative pundits, and Republicans want you to believe.  This was not a confirmation. This was an appropriation. The Republicans should remember that fallout always follow from the use of nuclear options.
Even though the Democrats were successful in forcing the authoritarian right’s hand, there are three Democrat senators that have shown that they lack principle and are actually conservative lackeys. These Senators are Joe Donnelley of Indiana, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, and Joe Manchin of West Virginia. These Senators need to be shown the same support that advertisers have shown Bill O’Reilly after yet another sexual harrassment scandel.

In Syria, the Assad regime used WMD against the rebels coincidentally after Rex Tillerson said that he could stay in power. As a result of the sarin gas attack, there were hundreds of casualties; many of whom perished. Almost immediately, fingers started to be pointed. Most of the world pointed them at Assad, Russia declared it was fake news, and the Czar blamed Obama.

In response to the endless attacks on his regime, Mr. Trump launched his own WMD. However, in this case, the “D” stands for “distraction.” First, it was the Susan Rice story resulting from Devin Nunes’ shady rendez-vous at the White House. It turns out that she was the one who unmasked the names in the intelligence reports that Nunes saw.

While this revealation was not the smoking gun they were seeking, that did not stop the authoritarian right media from making it so. The supporters of this Republican regime went on a full court press with the so-called liberal media to force them to report the story how they wanted it reported. Forget the facts, those are just liberal talking points.

To cap off the week, Mr. Trump ordered an airstrike against an empty airfield which resulted in… well… maybe pissing off the Russians. At least he was considerate enough to tell the Russians that the attack was coming. Problem is that they told Assad. However, that did not mean Operation Shut Up about Russia was not successful.  It actually worked quite well. It distracted the nation and even got members of the so-called liberal media to even call him presidential. I guess the bar has been set so low killing people is the new standard for presidentiality we are using.

Tune in next week as Eddie Munster, played by Paul Ryan, attempts necromancy on the AHCA by finding more ways to force people to lose their insurance.

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