Is it really a Pinterest fail if the kids have fun?

This weekend marked a combination of productivity and laziness. To make a long story short for Sunday, we went out to one of my favorite restaurants (contrary to what my family thinks, it is not Bob Evans). This restaurant is pricey; every time I read the check, my eyes about pop from my head. Plus, the atmosphere of the place is not one where you would want to bring a family of six with rather loud and rowdy boys. As you can tell, this is a rare treat.

The restaurant was having a lunch buffet for Easter and my wife thought it would be nice to go along with some family friends. We all made sure we got our money’s worth. For the boys, that meant a few more illicit trips to the dessert bar than my wife and I would have liked. Needless to say, I overindulged and spent the rest of the day napping and generally being lazy. Followed by concern about my upcoming weight loss doctor appointment.

Now, back to Saturday that was the very productive day. On the agenda was to plan for seating and a fire pit for our backyard patio. My wife has been hinting to me for the last few years to build one of those cinderblock benches that she saw on Pinterest. We went to our local big box home improvement retailer to look at options. I was thinking about building a platform with brick and putting a fire ring on it. Instead, I found a nice fire pit that also doubles as a table when not in use.

We had a plan. Later in the day, I decided to go ahead and buy the stuff so that I could work on it during the week. Rather than wait, my wife and daughter put it together. I was surprised, it was more stable that I had expected. The only time I had any concern was when everybody was sitting on it. Now, you may be wondering how this was a Pinterest fail. This wasn’t it.

As I sat there wiggling my butt and bouncing up and down to trying to make the sure the bench was stable, my wife brought out a couple buckets, some eggs, and shaving cream. I did not put much thought into it but I figured it must have been some sort of twisted experiment. I went off doing some other things in the yard and when I was finished, I went back in the house.

During this time, I could hear the kids yelling, hollering, and laughing. I didn’t know what was happening but it sure sound fun. By the time I was finished with what I was doing, the excitement had died down. I was laying in my bed as my wife entered the room. She was covered in shaving cream but what caught my eyes was the toddler covered in it as well and she was sporting a white creamy faux hawk. She grunted as she does when she is annoyed.

As my wife and the toddler were cleaning up, a pair of boys covered with blotches of white went into their bathroom and started their showers. Later that night after all of the kids were asleep, I went out to hide Easter eggs. There were blobs of white scattered all over the place. It was as if the Stay Puft Shaving Cream Man blew up in my backyard.

I asked my wife what happened and she said it was something that she saw on Pinterest.

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