How about some more of that government incompetence?

Please note the name of this blog before proceeding. 🙂 If you like stories of government incompetence, this will be right up your alley.

First some background, we have a foster kid in our care and every so often we have to undergo an intrusive process of certifications. This is not what I have a problem with. The state has to make sure that their foster parents are capable of providing safe home for its wards (plus, they don’t like getting sued). Frankly, if the state does this process before people are allowed to have kids, there would be way less kids going into the system.

I’m joking… sort of.

Anyhow, one of the things that they ask for is two weeks of pay stubs. No problem, you would think right? Oh no… I’m salary which means I need to have a special form filled out. Looking at the form all of the information they ask for the same exact thing on the check stubs with one exception… they need to know the number of hours I worked.

Dear state of Indiana… I. am. salary.

I get paid the same amount whether or not I work 10 hours or 100 hours. Is it way too hard for government employees to do basic fucking math that we need to have a fucking form? This is the kind of bullshit that causes people to leave foster care. Trust me. When our current placement is done, we are through.

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