Did the United States really do this?

I am not a morning person by any definition. It is so bad that some mornings I consider it a major victory if I make it out the door wearing pants. Often, I have weird thoughts based on strange twists of logic. The vast majority of these thoughts are not worth even sharing with myself but I am forced to entertain them all the same. This morning I had a thought that makes me wonder if one of the more common political hyperboles has come to pass.

Often when discussing the misguided belief that corporations should be considered as people and have the same rights, somebody would point out that either corporations cannot be elected to office or that we will be electing corporations to public office. Could it be possible that we have in fact elected a corporation as President of the United States by electing Mr. Trump? I know. It sounds really crazy but think about it for a moment.

The Trump Organization is a corporation that is headed by Mr. Trump and the members of his family. The Trump branding has made it such that Mr. Trump and the Trump Organization are essentially synonymous. There is no real distinction between the two and his family as members as essential elements of that corporation as they are constantly there to advise and represent him.

Does it not follow that by electing Mr. Trump, we have elected the Trump Organization rather than the man? This further supported by the fact that Mr. Trump has brought members of his family into the White House despite nepotism laws. His family members are doing that same thing as they would within the Trump Organization: advising and representing Mr. Trump.

I am sure I am making some sort of logical fallacy due to my brain not running at 100% at the time but you would have to admit it is one of my more interesting strange twists of logic.

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