Personal challenge update

Last week in a blog post, I issued a challenge to myself when using social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The results was a somewhat underwhelming mixed bag. There were differences but none of them were major or Earth shattering.

Early on, I was thinking that I was going to be getting responses from the more ideological extereme individuals. One of these early responses included words such as “libtard” and several American flag emojis. You know the type, alt-right snowflakes that go around beating their chest and wrapping themselves in a false veneer of patriotism. I did get into a “discussion” with a couple pro-choice (for lack of a better term) psychopaths. However, as the week went on, the responses were more or less the same as what I usually get. The early responses were just a statistical anomoly. 

One thing the challenge did was to make me think about my comments more. The reason for this was in order to make a point, I had to figure out how to make it into a question. At one point, I was felt like I should follow my comments up with “Topics that melt snowflakes for 1000, Alex.” In other words, they felt forced to me. By thinking about how to make a comment into a question, it made the tone of my comments more moderated. 

Overall, it wasn’t any better or any worse. It was just different.

On a related note, the last couple of days I’ve been comtemplating what is the whole purpose of participating on social media is. My original intention was to use Facebook to follow various sites for news, opinion, and to see what kind of propaganda is floating around out there. On Twitter, I try to follow individuals such as politicians, commentators, and even the occasional insightful individual who chose to follow me. 🙂

A problem that I encountered is that the ability to read comments and to respond to them is a huge temptation to me. I’ll eventually give in and make a comment here and there with the intention of making a couple. A couple becomes five, 10, 15, and suddenly I become this guy.

As much time as I waste, I have to wonder what is the point? More importantly, is there a way I can get away from spending so much time that I don’t really have on commenting?

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