Tainted Leaks: Disinformation and Phishing With a Russian Nexus – The Citizen Lab

This report describes an extensive Russia-linked phishing and disinformation campaign. It provides evidence of how documents stolen from a prominent journalist and critic of Russia was tampered with and then “leaked” to achieve specific propaganda aims. We name this technique “tainted leaks.” The report illustrates how the twin strategies of phishing and tainted leaks are sometimes... Continue Reading →

The Debunking Handbook, a guide to debunking misinformation, is now freely available to download. Although there is a great deal of psychological research on misinformation, there's no summary of the literature that offers practical guidelines on the most effective ways of reducing the influence of myths. The Debunking Handbook boils the research down into a short, simple summary, intended... Continue Reading →

Oubliette: “Recruit”

The color green can have many meanings both good and bad. It can have a positive meaning such as life, renewal, and nature. On the other hand, its meaning can be negative such as envy, greed, and illness. It is the color that The General chose to use for files on new and potential recruits of Oubliette; in this case it means "greenhorn."

Seth Rich murder conspiracy theory

Factually Challenged Nation

Seth Rich was a staffer with the Democratic National Committee who worked on voter access projects. In July 2016, he was murdered in the early morning near his Washington home. The case remains unsolved and it is believed by police to have been a botched robbery. However, a number of right-wing pundits have claimed that Rich was the informant that gave WikiLeaks the emails used against Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

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