Tainted Leaks: Disinformation and Phishing With a Russian Nexus – The Citizen Lab

This report describes an extensive Russia-linked phishing and disinformation campaign. It provides evidence of how documents stolen from a prominent journalist and critic of Russia was tampered with and then “leaked” to achieve specific propaganda aims. We name this technique “tainted leaks.” The report illustrates how the twin strategies of phishing and tainted leaks are sometimes... Continue Reading →

The Debunking Handbook, a guide to debunking misinformation, is now freely available to download. Although there is a great deal of psychological research on misinformation, there's no summary of the literature that offers practical guidelines on the most effective ways of reducing the influence of myths. The Debunking Handbook boils the research down into a short, simple summary, intended... Continue Reading →

Oubliette: “Recruit”

The color green can have many meanings both good and bad. It can have a positive meaning such as life, renewal, and nature. On the other hand, its meaning can be negative such as envy, greed, and illness. It is the color that The General chose to use for files on new and potential recruits of Oubliette; in this case it means "greenhorn."

Seth Rich murder conspiracy theory

Factually Challenged Nation

Seth Rich was a staffer with the Democratic National Committee who worked on voter access projects. In July 2016, he was murdered in the early morning near his Washington home. The case remains unsolved and it is believed by police to have been a botched robbery. However, a number of right-wing pundits have claimed that Rich was the informant that gave WikiLeaks the emails used against Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

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There is a “weigh” to go (week 2)

First thing is first, I guess I'll get the shocking news out-of-the-way first. I had my weigh-in last Wednesday and I gained 10 pounds. 😦 😥 😮 😡 o_O 😳 Okay... now to put that number in context. For this journey, I vowed to not weigh myself because I invariably become obsessive over that number and get sidetracked when it... Continue Reading →

Using Double Meanings To Foreshadow Plot Twists In Comics and Stories

A Writer's Path

by Pekoeblaze

Well, although this is a quick article about foreshadowing plot twists in comics, stories etc… I’ll have to start by using a TV show as an example.

As such, this article may contain some mild SPOILERS for the first season of “Game Of Thrones”. Likewise, I’ll also be describing a slightly disturbing scene from the show (albeit one that isn’t quite what it appears to be).

The night before I wrote this article, I started re-watching the first season of “Game Of Thrones” (with a plan to re-watch the first three seasons) and one of the things that really surprised me was the number of subtle clues about future parts of the story that I noticed in the early episodes. Most of these were really cleverly handled and they can probably teach us a lot about foreshadowing.

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Writing Tips/Insights #11: The Rewriting Process

A Writer's Path

Following on from my post on first drafts, I was going to do a post on second drafts and then so on and so forth, but after much consideration, (and by much I actually mean very little) I decided to scrap that idea and just keep it simple, by posting about the rewriting process, rather than individual drafts on their own. Because lets face it, there isn’t really a set amount of drafts per creative piece – the possibilities are infinite.

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This link is to a PDF file. While this article is geared towards scientific topics, there is some good advice in it that is relevant to all aspects of life. IMHO, I think that this article would be ideal for updating. Source: Carl Sagan - The Fine Art of Bologna Detection

There is nothing more addicting than the laugh of an infant.

Oubliette: “Bitter”

Owen sat in the poorly lit meeting room with three other men in suits. One of them he knew, Lewis Stone, his assistant director under whom he worked for the past five years. Owen did not know the other two men. They looked familiar but he had no idea what their jobs were. Owen looked at them as they shuffled their papers and sent text messages on their phones. He was looking for clues as to what was the purpose of this meeting. Nobody was giving up their secrets not even Lewis.

Oubliette: “Pursue” Part 2

The police cruiser raced down the streets causing chaos as pedestrians and cars scrambled to avoid the out of vehicle. As the cruiser roared down the busy street, a dull heavily armored black vehicle that resembled a SUV blasted after it. Overhead in the skies, a black and white helicopter with an emblem proclaiming its allegiance to law enforcement followed the vehicles as they sped through the city.

There’s a “weigh” to go

So, it is confession time. There have been some things that I am very hesitant to share with others even though it is very obvious there is something. You can say that there is an elephant in the room that I am avoiding. Unfortunately, this time, I am that elephant. Harsh... I know but I... Continue Reading →

Impulsive eating and unplanned meals are partially to blame for ADHD’s strong correlatioin with obesity. And then there’s your dopamine-seeking brain, which loves carbs and sugar. Learn how to lose weight the ADHD way. Source: ADHD Weight Gain: How to Stop Impulsive Eating

9 Tips to Improve Your Writing

A Writer's Path

by Michael Cristiano

One of the hardest things about being a writer is knowing when you’ve reached that elusive status of being a good writer. Scratch that: the hardest thing about being a writer is knowing when you no longer suck.

You see, bad writing is everywhere nowadays. With the exploding self-publishing industry, anyone can become a published author. Anyone. Have good books been self-published? Of course, but bad books have been published tenfold, and this excludes all the times that a big press has released a poorly written book (in the name of business, of course).

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