This is not what Mr. Trump promised us on healthcare

With the passage of the American Healthcare Act (aka Trumpcare) in the House of Representatives, we are one more step closer to a major overhaul to the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). Rather than perform a repeal and a replace, the Republicans in Congress have opted to make changes to the ACA. The problem is that the AHCA is not what we were promised.

For the last six years, the Republicans have promised to repeal the ACA and have voted dozens of time on the legislation to do that knowing full well that there was no chance for it becoming law as long as Obama was in office. During the presidential campaign, Mr. Trump promised that he will repeal and replace the ACA with something that covers more people and for less money.

Thursday’s vote officially breaks those promises. Under the last estimate, the CBO said that 24 million less people will have health insurance. While many of those people would be voluntarily losing health insurance, most of them will be losing it involuntarily. As the Republicans did not want to wait for the CBO to score the latest version of the bill, it is not clear as to what effect that their changes will have on people with pre-existing conditions.  When millions lose their health insurance, it certainly is not covering more people.

Losing both groups of people is a problem. It means people who need health insurance will not have it. It means that those of us who do get to keep it will be paying more. If you are elderly, you will be paying more. If you have a pre-existing condition (which is a very broad category), you will be paying more. This is certainly not doing this at less cost (except for the business leaders that will be getting the included tax breaks).

As much as I want to not call this legislation evil, I cannot see how it is not. Even the politicians that passed this evil legislation are just as evil. What else would you call a person who thinks that a sick person should not be healed because they must have done something wrong in their life? Saying that the healthy should not pay for the sick is cold hearted, emotionless, and lacks empathy. This certainly not what God would want of us.

Regardless of that you think of the ACA, the Republican AHCA takes things in the wrong direction. It builds upon the ACA and as we know, building something on poor foundation is never a good idea. It takes health insurance from people, many of who need it. It will cause our premiums to increase more over the ACA. It resembles nothing like what we were promised but God bless Donald J Trump, men won’t have to cover women’s maternity and birth control any more.

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