The shark has been jumped…

There is an old term on television shows that references the events in an episode of Happy Days in the 1950s. In that episode, one of the characters jumped over a shark in water skies. It was said that episode was the beginning of the end of that television series. Today, the term is used as pejorative to describe something gimmicky in a show to draw attention to itself. I don’t see why that would not apply to blogs.

There are a number of signs to tell if a show has jumped the shark that you can read about on TV Tropes. One of the signs is a sudden change in direction of the show. That is what is happening here. This blog is taking a major and sudden shift (although in my mind is wasn’t so sudden). I have changed the blog’s title to “My Corner on the Internet” (changing the URL is not something that easily done).

While I have intentionally been including non-political content for several weeks now, the purpose was still solely politics and not necessarily in a positive way. There was simply too much yin.  I am just making it official now and trying to add some yang to go with that yin. The content is going to be more diverse and given how my brain works, there is probably going to be so much diversity that you will be sick and tired of diversity. 🙂

Bear with me as I figure out this new path. Hopefully, this will not lead to the end of the blog but it does not have to be. Just look at the number of times that Supernatural jumped the shark and they are still on the air and got renewed for yet another season. 

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