Why is WordPress for Android so lacking?

I personally like doing my blogging on my Android based tablet but lately I have come to the conclusion that it is best to use the web version rather than the WordPress Android app. Don’t get me wrong, I understand what it takes to bring an application to market but at this point, it is getting ridiculous.

If you need to make a quick and dirty post to your blog that consists of no more than a couple of sentences, an image, or a video, the app will allow you get things done. If you want to make a full length post, you might as well fire up Chrome. There is so much functionality missing from the Android app that it makes it difficult to do certain thing.

One example is that you cannot even add a “read more” tag to the post. How that tag works in WordPress is something I would call low hanging fruit. By the way, if you need to add the “read more” tag, switch to HTML view, put your cursor where you want the tag to be, and type “<!–more–>” (be sure to switch to editing view afterwards).

The biggest problem that I am having is the lack of spell checking. You don’t get spell checking while typing (though that is possibly due to the browser) but you don’t get the proofreading button. Even though I am responsible for proofreading my posts, that tool is very useful in because it finds things that I miss. There is no technical reason that a feature in the web application cannot be implemented in the app.

In all fairness, this problem is not something that is seen in just the WordPress app on Android. Microsoft’s version of OneNote for Android is the same way. There is a lot of functionality of the native application that is not available. For example, you cannot make a page a subpage and there is no spell checking. The online versions implement many of these missing features.

If you ask me, it seems like that apps written for Android are just something thrown together as an after thought.

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