James Comey is out

In a somewhat surprising move yesterday, Mr. Trump fired the director of the FBI, James Comey. The fact that he was fired should have not been the surprising part as he has made a number of mistakes in the past several months that has earned him scorn from those on both sides of the political spectrum. The real surprising part was how sudden it happened along with how it was handled. Even if he needed to be fired, there is a major concern going forward.

If you have been following the Republican led circus of the supposed investigations into the meddling of our elections by the Russians and into the possibility of collusion between Mr. Trump’s campaign and Russia, you would know that the FBI was conducting its own investigations into these allegations.

A number of associates of Mr. Trump’s campaign and even his Republican regime have been revealed as being targets of these investigations. Mr. Trump has also been said to have expressed frustration over being investigated. The firing of Comey allows Mr. Trump to put someone in charge of the FBI; someone who would be willing either end to the investigation or to manipulate it in his favor. Essentially, the same thing that Obama was accused of doing in regards to Clinton’s email server investigation.

Additionally, this firing is part of an apparent theme that we are seeing from the Republican regime. Sally Yates was fired. Officially, she was fired for not defending Mr. Trump’s problematic executive order to ban Muslims from the country. However, she was also investigating some of the ties between members of Mr. Trump’s campaign and Russia. Another person who received a pink slip was Preet Bharara who was investigating some Russian businessmen and who would have been responsible for investigating Mr. Trump’s allegations of Trump Tower being wiretapped.

Even if everything was being handled legitimately, these firings do not look good for Mr. Trump. The way the Republican regime is handling things, it stinks of a massive coverup.

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