Commentaries: On Pseudo-Skepticism

Over the years, I have decried the misuse of the term “skeptic”  when used to refer to all critics of anomaly claims. Alas, the label has been thus  misapplied by both proponents and critics of the paranormal. Sometimes users of the  term have distinguished between so-called “soft” versus “hard”  skeptics, and I in part revived the term “zetetic” because of the term’s  misuse. But I now think the problems created go beyond mere terminology and matters  need to be set right. Since “skepticism” properly refers to doubt rather  than denial–nonbelief rather than belief–critics who take the negative rather than  an agnostic position but still call themselves “skeptics” are actually  pseudo-skeptics and have, I believed, gained a false advantage by usurping  that label.

Source: Commentaries: On Pseudo-Skepticism

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