Tuesday Politics: Under the Rule of the Czar

I am going to start back my weekly political piece but this time without as much snark and certainly not going to try for satire again. I don’t think that satire is really something that I am able to pull off at the moment.

Roger Ailes: 1940 – 2017

Roger Ailes, founder and former CEO of Fox News, passed away on Thursday. While the death a person is not something that should be celebrated, we are not under obligation to mourn his passing. As you would expect, supporters of the Fox News channel expect us to give him the respect that they would not give to Ted Kennedy when he passed. Maybe those who object to how the left is viewing this news should stop being so politically correct.

Therein lies the problem with Ailes’ legacy. He was one of the key figures that transformed the political landscape where the nation would united to solve problems to one where the word compromise has become a dirty word. He turned Fox News into the propaganda network of the Republican party which in turned created the template for other news organizations to do the same.

The work he did in his life polluted the minds and spirits and turned the honorable conservative movement into what we see today: the alt-right movement complete with venom and xenophobia. He has turned normally rational people into foaming at the mouth zombies that fear and hate all that is different from them.

This is not a man whose life should be celebrated but only relegated as a footnote of a dark time in this country’s history.

Trump/Russia Gets Special Counsel

There was an announcement this week that the Trump/Russia investigation will be getting a special counsel. This development is partial the fallout from Mr. Trump firing Comey. This action is a something that should have been done in the first place as it removes Republican shenanigans (as seen in the House investigation).

Of course, the snowflake in chief did not take kindly to the news. He quickly declared he was being treated unfairly by the worst witch hunt of all time. Needless to say the Representative of Salem, MA disagreed with that assessment. With some luck and cooperation of this Republican administration, the voters will get the answers that we deserve to know.

White Nationalists Lose Participation Trophies

A controversy brewed in New Orleans over the removal of Confederacy era statues. Opponents of the statues said they were a public nuisance and promoted the fight to preserve slavery. Proponents said they were items of historical importance for the fight of state rights. What the proponents of these statues fail to say is that one of the state rights was the right of the state to declare a person the property of another person.

If you think about this, these statues are just participation trophies given to the losers of a war. Do we really need to be giving out participation trophies to people who are already snowflakes? It would just send them the wrong message. 😉

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