There is a “weigh” to go (week 2)

First thing is first, I guess I’ll get the shocking news out-of-the-way first. I had my weigh-in last Wednesday and I gained 10 pounds. 😦 😥 😮 😡 o_O 😳 Okay… now to put that number in context. For this journey, I vowed to not weigh myself because I invariably become obsessive over that number and get sidetracked when it does not act like I think it should. I decided to only have myself weighed in the doctor’s office which is where that measurement was made. However, this weigh-in was at the end of the day rather than the morning as I try to schedule my appointments (there were no morning appointments to be had).

My doctor did not seem to be freaking out which I am considering as a not bad sign. She noted that it looked like I was retaining water because it was at the end of the day and that it was getting hotter outside (I did not realize that played a role). She did say that I was losing fat which means things are going in the direction they need to be.

The lesson here is that when you get weighed, it is very important you do so consistently. Try to keep it at the same time of the day.

Getting back on track is being a little more challenging than I had hoped. I stopped logging my food intake. I was still tracking it but not logging it. The plan that the doctor put me on uses a choice or exchange system. For example, I get X protein choices, Y carbohydrate choices, …

I like the system but unfortunately there is no app for tracking these exchanges. All of the ones that are available are almost always tracking calories. Now, I could write my own web application but there are higher priority things going on. I had to track this “old school” with pen and paper. Rather than recording all of this twice, I created a deck of cards.  For each choice I get, there is a card. When I would use a choice, I would flip the card over in the deck. There are a couple of control cards for tracking purposes.

My hope was that I could use just the cards to limit myself without having to fill out the paper forms. They worked great in that regards. I am able to track what I’ve eaten at the time I’ve eaten it which was a problem for me. Plus, I can easily figure out what I have left for the day. While they were successful, they are not perfect. The reality is that they need to be used in conjunction with logging because by themselves I lost personal accountability. However, I can use an app to track in conjunction with the cards.

This week’s goal will to continue with getting back on track especially on water intake. I noticed that I am getting sloppy on that. Also, I should raise the bar on exercise. My goal is 20 minutes / day but I am getting to the point where I can do better. I think I’ll have this week’s goal 49k steps (7k / day). This weekend will be a challenge because it is a long weekend and we are going camping.


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