I am a magnet... Are you aluminum? And just stand there with apathy. Are you steel? And feel drawn to me. Are you a magnet? And you push away from me? Or do we draw each other closer? I saw today's word prompt (Magnet) and this just wrote itself in my head (I'm just writing... Continue Reading →

Oubliette: “Farm” part 3

Owen walked up the sidewalk to the midcentury two-story bungalow. It was clear from the brickwork of the front of the house that at one time it had a front porch. Mara was just starting to climb out of the SUV parked on the icy road in front of the house. He spied a small sign on the old aluminum door directing anyone visiting “Grease” or Griswold to go around back. He turned around and followed the part of the sidewalk not covered with snow to the driveway where Mara joined him. They walked to the back of the house and Owen climbed the concrete patio. The door made a metallic rattle as Owen knocked.

Everyone has heard of the Plotters vs. Pantsers camps for authors. Plotters take their story and attack it with outlines, guidelines, plotlines, and beat sheets. Pansters take it in a more relaxed way, writing as the story flows with plenty of detours as needed. Source: The Goal is to Have Motivated Characters | A Writer's Path

No time to cook after work? Your whole family with be thanking you after you whip up one of these quick and easy meals. Half the wait but just as much taste! Source: 20-Minutes or less Meals

Should we give up on 2018?

Last Tuesday, Democrat Jon Ossoff was defeated by the alt-right Republican Karen Handel by an almost four point margin. The truth of the matter was that this race was truly a bellwether of what to expect for 2018. The good news for Democrats was that this was a district that should not have been competitive... Continue Reading →

What is more fun than playing with a cat with a laser pointer? Playing with a toddler with a laser pointer.

Oubliette: “Farm” part 2

Mara and Owen walked up to the porch of the old rectangular manufactured house with a sagging roof and once pristine siding that was long rendered a dull gray after years of neglect. The house sat off the side of a busy highway and there was no safe place to park. Mara climbed the unsteady metal porch and knocked on the door. A voice from inside called to them, acknowledging their presence and asked for them to wait a moment.

Oubliette: “Farm” part 1

Pete wore a black formal suit and peered through the window in his father’s office. He was surprised when his father pulled him from the viewing room and escorted into the office and was greeted with a State Trooper and a detective. This was not a good day to have been questioned by the police. Ms. Schmidt, his second-grade teacher, was being shown and his father needed him to greet the downturned faces of her friends and family members as they came to give their last respects.

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