God leaves it to us

One of the topics of the news is Mr. Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. While the move is foolhardy and ill-conceived, that is not the part of the story that I would like to address. It is the response, rather the rationalization, used by some Christians to justify their support for this move. An elected official in Congress declared that if there is a problem, God will take care of it. Another political pundit believes that being a good steward of the planet excludes the unnecessary pumping of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

In all due respect to the gentlemen making these misguided statements, we live on this tiny spec of God’s Creation. It is not unreasonable to assume that God expects us to be good stewards of it. If we do not live up to those expectations, God will not just bail us out. We will be allowed to go extinct just like the countless other species before us.

Creation is a beautiful machine of which we have not even experienced the tip of the tip of the iceberg. When God made this Creation, God created all of the rules by which the universe runs. These rules dictate the behavior that gives water its unique properties and how chains of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen become living creatures ranging from the simplest virus to the person reading these writings. These rules even dictate what happens to us if we create too much pollution.

Despite the beauty in Creation, there is a cruel reality. That reality is that God will not actively interfere in this Creation. If we, as a species, befoul this world, God will not save us from our folly nor will we get a second chance. It is up to us to understand our responsibilities and to work together to overcome our limitations.

Statements similar to “God will save us” or “we need not worry about being good stewards” show willful ignorance by choosing to ignore scientific fact. The men making these statements are ones who promote the sin of greed as a social norm. They seek to enrich and empower themselves at the expense of our and our children’s planet. We must reject the words of these corrupt men.

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