Misandry: Does It Exist? If Not, Why?

Over the weekend, I got caught up wallowing in the mud with a social justice warrior. I made the mistake of pointing out how men are not allowed to express opinions about gender. The SJW ended the lecture with “men should just shut up.”

Is that irony? I have a hard time telling. Anyways, I digress.

I pointed out the misandry of that statement which earned me another lecture on how there is no such thing. This raises the question, why would there not be such a thing as misandry?

The best answer I could find is that there is no such thing because… well because feminists say so.

If that is the case what do we call an episode of a sitcom where the wife character drops a croquet ball down a shaft onto the husband character (of course, a scream of pain and canned laughter followed). What about the overuse of the bumbling dad trope often found in sitcoms, cartoons, and commercials. How about a book titled “Boys are stupid… throw rocks at them?”

Yes, misogyny is a problem. I am not going to argue that it is not nor should there be any question about it. My point is that respect and fairness is a two way street. You do not create equality and combat bias by treating one group as not deserving of the same respect and fairness.

2 thoughts on “Misandry: Does It Exist? If Not, Why?

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  1. “Men should just shut up?” heck, no..men say the most amazing things. Next time, just hand a copy of this post to the lunatic that thinks of themselves as a feminist. Feminism is equality between the sexes..not dominion over it. Sheesh!

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