It is frustrating…

Today, I went to the weight loss doctor and I’m up 5 add on the 2 that I was up two weeks ago… well, you can do the math. According to the doctor, all of it is water weight and I am losing fat. She said that when it gets hot like it has been, our bodies well retain more water for sweating.

She does not seem to be worried but I cannot help but to feel like I am taking all of this on faith. I’ll do what I can but it is frustrating all the same.


6 thoughts on “It is frustrating…

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  1. I had a long battle with weight too… and I know how incredibly frustrating it can be. If I can offer an advice, I’d say not to focus too much on the number on the scale. I know, easier said than done… But, at some points you might retain more water, wich doesn’t mean you didn’t burn fat. The same goes with muscles, if you exercise and build muscles, your weight might not drop as much as you’d want it, but your body will change… 😉

    Don’t give up 🙂

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  2. make a battle-bot out of that scale! I totally obsess over weight numbers when I have a scale nearby. I finally allowed the grands to take it and use it for a battle robot.

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