Why are balloons so fascinating?

Give young children a balloon, helium optional, they will go crazy with it until the inevitable happens. The first time we exposed the toddler to a balloon, she started crawling after it, smacking, it, and making the excited grunt that she was doing at the time. What is the fascination?

All a balloon is a rubber bag filled with someone’s breath or helium. I know at one point, I had that fascination. I remember having a temper tantrum as I watched a red one take to the sky.  I clearly have lost something and I am sure I am not the only one. Maybe we should take some time and relearn what was so fascinating with them?


3 thoughts on “Why are balloons so fascinating?

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  1. Nice blog! I like your home page… I’d say the purpose and the journey are equally important, but the purpose is up to you, the journey is not.
    When I was growing up, every year after my birthday, we’d gather all of the helium balloons from my party and tie a message in a bottle to them. It’d be a short note about myself, asking for a response if anyone ever finds it. Once, someone 50 miles away did! I think part of the obsession with balloons is their fragility and the fact that we cannot control them. Once it floats away, it’s gone, whether it pops or someone else finds it.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. I do believe that we do have some control over our journal by the choices we make. I’ve tried doing the balloon thing as kid as well but I didn’t have much luck.

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