Should we give up on 2018?

Last Tuesday, Democrat Jon Ossoff was defeated by the alt-right Republican Karen Handel by an almost four point margin. The truth of the matter was that this race was truly a bellwether of what to expect for 2018.

The good news for Democrats was that this was a district that should not have been competitive in the first place. The Republicans had a weaker showing than they should have had. On the other hand, it shows the Democrat’s weakness.

Even Mr. Trump’s arrogance and the Republican overreach in Congress is not enough to overcome the Republican’s gerrymandering and dark money political action committees.

Maybe we should just call it quits? It clear that the right-wing low information voters have clearly seized the country and gave it to white nationalists and corporatists. We are now in a death spiral heading back to the days when minorities and women were just second class citizens and anybody who was queer would be arrested. Our future is now in the hands of the ultra-wealthy who see us as mere resources to be exploited for profit.

What can you do about it?

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